I have never understood the whole "my band is better than your band" mentality. People like different things and usually the people who like the Beatles, also like the Who, the Stones, The Kinks, whatever has a "The" in it. People like all kinds of music, and I don't have a "favorite" or do the "what is the best song/actor/movie, etc. Nonsense. I think the Beatles were the ones who were most accessable to the culture, and had the bigger impact, simply because they were the first British band that really captured the world. Many others would come later, and all had their own slice of the "cultural pie."

I had forgotten the Nicky Hopkins thing too, till you mentioned it. That happens a lot. It's sort of funny how many little things happen in our lives that we don't even realize at the moment. One of my best friends, who passed away a few years ago, had grown up in her hometown of Liverpool, England. And she used to go see this band playing the Cavern club. She was too young to get in, so she'd wait backstage and carry the drummers cymbals in. That drummer was PETE BEST. She got to know the Beatles BEFORE RINGO. And she had all these experiences, making out with Ringo, and all kinds of stuff with Herman's Hermits, the Dave Clark Five, etc. She was just around all these people. She told this story about her Mother having an affair with this very well known orchestra leader. And her Mother TOOK HER TO THE APARTMENT WHERE THEY WOULD LINK UP! Sometimes the Father's SON would be there too and they would hang out. LOL! That Son turned out to be ELVIS COSTELLO!!!!!
She always had stuff like that. And told it so matter of factly, "They were just me MATES!!!" She'd say. She was a hoot.

A lot of my life is the same. I have rubbed elbows with a lot of people and seen a lot of interesting things. But at the time you really just don't think much about it. There are no lightning strikes, or voices from the Heavens reasonating. It's just little moments that happen that you don't realize till later. And sometimes, you don't even remember them till someone else mentions them. I'm just always glad Facebook and the Internet were not around when I was growing up. A LOT of compromising stuff could be out there. Try to explain that to the kids!

And then, there are things you find out in the oddest places. In Gregg Alman's biography, he talks about riding around in a limo in Nashville with some friends where they were doing all this cocaine, and smoking pot and drank four gallons of Vodka. He talks about not knowing where he was! I know EXACTLY WHERE HE WAS!
Onstage with ME, at a place called THE THIRD COAST CAFE! He had come in while I was playing, and someone asked if he could get up and sing. I said ABSOLUTLEY, but being left handed, and no right handed guitar, I'd have to play for him. I was very excited UNTIL he got onstage, barely able to stand up, and so off key and out of tune, it was HORRIBLE!!! I played what I thought would be the easiest song, MIDNIGHT RIDER, which he sang flat all the way through and just repeated the same lyrics over and over. So I'm VERY glad there are no U TUBE videos of that experience. Some things are best forgotten.

That pretty much IS my book. I write it in these little snippets and enjoy walking back in time on some of them. But hopefully they relate to the topic going on.
Thanks for reading.