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Brian, just because you can make factual connections between things does not mean it adds up to a story or some "coherent whole". Facts can fit a narrative and yet the story can be false

But believe what you want here....I only asked for the sake of clarification. IMO Mitt Romney is a decent individual with a moral center and I simply cannot see him as some puppet master of the USA...or Dark Lord as you suggest. But again, believe what you will.

As for "the music business", welcome to capitalism...it is all about free enterprise and levering whatever resources you can...at the least cost...it is all part and parcel of "The Freedom" that the USA holds sacred.

BTW a few years back it was all about Goldman Sachs ruling the world because they have investments and director representation in all the world's major corporations. There is a conspiracy theory about the US Federal Reserve as well that leds back to a few families controlling the world.

And yup, she absolutely has the right to make money of her work. H&(LL if Alex Jones can do so ...and he is a great example of free enterprise at work...then she definitely can

Funny you mention Goldman Sachs, one of their Grandchildren is a JPF Member and was our Los Angeles Chapter coordinator for many years. He'd tell you it's all true. Romney did all the things she claimed. It's all public record. I think anyone running Monstanto or Bain Capital is a dirt bag. How you can defend those companies actions and the man in charge of them is beyond me. Quite bizarre.

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