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Brian are you asserting that Mitt Romney is the super villain here? The "Sith Lord" of all??? That he and Bain & Co are the root of all evil???

That he and Dick Cheney are an evil duo that somehow link together the US military industrial complex??

FYI this totally lost me when things went to the Kardashians and tackled sex change operations as being engineered by Bain and Romney via Ryan Seacrest

I can definitely see where corporations got a huge boost through Citizens United case...in fact I see this as the worst decision ever, and there is no issue with addressing their nasty side effects when talking about Monsanto, "Big Sugar", the Pharma industryetc, but to tie everything to Romney and Cheney and Bain Capital is not making any sense to me

I actually see RG as a vlogger needing eyeballs to make money. But for anyone who wants to see more from "Reallygraceful"...here is her youtube channel


What she'd really like is your money...easily given via Patreaon...so donate away

Which factual connection that she pointed out was incorrect? I couldn't find any. And which information source do you use which isn't financed? Is she not allowed to make a living? Do your left wing news stations shill for any and every entity willing to put shekels in their coffers?

Pop culture is used (and always has been) to move the needle in directions that disrupt unity and replace it with division. Do you still believe that music, movies, TV and films are just "art" without a function for those in power? You need to travel more and see first hand examples of how art has ALWAYS been used to move the needle for those in power. If it isn't cultural manipulation, then it is to fill their coffers or both.

Music popularity is now controlled by a handful of playlist makers, the worst level of control the villains of the music industry have ever had. From Payola, to controlling the limited physical shelf space, to buying all the store listening centers (something I was directly involved with in my former life) to modern day playlists which is the tightest controls they've had in history. I feel sorry for musicians who still believe the myth of your talent mattering in terms of commercial success. They only time it matters is when you hand over control to the same people and they steer and make the most profit from your career. Don't sign your life away? Good luck getting anywhere. This isn't "new" info, it's simply more oppressive and obvious than at any previous time in history. And it IS all connected. Romney is as evil as anyone, and she's right, he's the most "reachable" of the villains because he still wants to be in the public eye. The rest are 100% untouchable.

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