Here is a song I'm working on the lyrics....any help would be appreciated:

Don't say I told you so by Bethany Koubsky

I met him on a Friday
Fell in love straight away
Thought we were destined for greatness
You said girl, stay away

I ignored every warning
Thought my heart won't steer me wrong
Took every wrong turn that I could
Led me to a broken hearted song

Please don't say I told you so
Please don't say you knew
I know I should've listened
but that's not what lonely hearts do

Please don't say I told you so
That you've been here before
I know I should've listened
Now i'm shattered on the floor

We dated for a minute
then you knew he was a liar
I was blinded by his charms
my heart a burning fire

But you saw right through his lies
gave me warning after warning
you saw through his disguise (thin disguise??)
Now i'm the one in mourning


Next time i'll listen
next time i won't ignore you
next time i'll listen
when you say I know what's good for you

Repeat chorus

Copyrighted 8/24/2020
Bethany Koubsky