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How did you get Jackson Brown to play the Piano on your Demo??? Sounds like you've listened to the LOAD OUT/STAY a few times brother....

LOVE IT & any Jackson Browne type Piano tune

Haha - I love Jackson Brown so I'll take that comment any day. Thanks for listening Steve smile

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Morning, Paul:

Great write. Like the others, I enjoyed the piano backing but thought you were "at the top of your vocal range" in places. Didn't keep me from really loving what you've done... and yes, the piano backing alone works well.

Best of luck with this... and in all your music. We are so lucky to have so many budding "stars" here at JPF.


cheers Dave - well I'm a bit too old to be budding anything smile Good point on the vocal - I often get that comment when I sing high - time to start paying attention to it!

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Hi Paul.
Maybe Dave has a point about the vocal. Maybe dropping the key a tone would ease the straining on certain words.
I have a similar problem with low notes now.
Nice song nevertheless.


Thanks Vic - always good to get your feedback.