Let's not discuss being nearly as old as Willie Nelson... if you please, Mr. Barnette: LOL!

A very nice gesture from you on Brian's behalf. Like you, I've never had the privilege of meeting the man... but was "graced" with a phone call a few years back when he was visiting relatives not too far from "West Mayberry."

During the Pioneer Era of Texas, he had relatives in nearby Hamilton County. One was a brave lady school-marm who was slain by Comanches as she attempted to protect her class from their terrible raid. Nearby Lake Whitney was named in her honor. She is buried at the first cemetery north of town on Rice Street. There is a State of Texas placque near her headstone.

Brian has endured so much on our behalf and this last few months have probably taken a toll on him that few of us would be able to endure. Thank you Brian... for making it possible for music minded people to "gather" and exchange ideas and differing viewpoints. You are special and deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

All my best, ----Dave

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