The power of the title to persuade a listener to give the song a the last thing I hope to depend upon. It matters, of course...but I just don't think about that baited hook aspect of a song title so much as I think about the REAL name of the song, which is nearly always obvious, clear as a bell. Most every song ends up with an obvious name, and if you name it something else, listeners will probably end up calling it by the real name anyway. It's a concern I might entertain if I wanted to put it in a library, but the title was sort of misleading or meant to be wry...but otherwise, I rarely question the title, because it tends to show itself rather than be assigned.

I only once wrote a song to fit a title, in a JPF challenge to write to a title. It led to a fun song, but I really never compose that way naturally. I'm more prone to painting a mind film of some sort or other, and that film nearly always has a name that I really don't need to question.