Yes I
yes I-I-I-I-I
want to be with you baby
every night and day
ya know I want you to stay
I want you to stay...

I have no
when your love
is distant
and the path
of least resistance
Is my admittance
to your arms
to share all of
your sweet charms
all of your sweet charms baby

And if this rings true to your heart too
then I guess I should be getting me a ring for youí
then weíll never have to spend time feeling blue
weíll be together in everything we do.

yes I
Yes I-I-I-I-I
want to turn my eyes on you
and never see you absent from my side
you always there for me,
me always there for you
on loveís incredible ride.
donít let it be denied
Iíll keep you satisfied.

Imagine our nights together
forever and ever
this has become my key endeavor
to go from spending too
much time without you
to spending time with no else
what would be the point?

I got all I need with you
no one else has got the glue
to keep me stuck with them
because Iím stuck on you
Iím really, really stuck on you baby

So just give me nod
and make feel like a God
I want youíre heart and your soul
and I want your bod
if I didnít wouldnít that be odd
and anything less than you is flawed
anything less then you is flawed baby!

Yes I
Yes I-I-I-I-I-I-
got to be with you baby
Please donít tell me itís maybe
Iím just mashed potatoes
youíre my gravy
you make my dreams
of love so tasty
just say yes I do
and be my lady

yes I
Yes I,I,I,I,I,
just want to be with you baby
just want to be with you baby

By Colonel Denton &
Matthew F. Blowers III
©-2019 Music arranged
and played by:Colonel Denton
Vocals, melody and lyrics by:
Matthew Frederick Blowers III