Sounds like something I'd like, for sure. Need to look into that.

You'd probably like some of Marc Maron's hour+ WTF podcasts..just for the ear, of course..Most of the recent ones are available through various web sources as well as his website. He talked to Springsteen not to long ago, as well as T Bone Burnette, McCartney, Richards, David Lee Roth, Perry Farell, Joan Jett, Joe Walsh, have to sort through a lot of talks with writers, actors, directors and especially comedians, though 90% (or so) of it's great stuff..skip into around 10-15 minutes into the podcasts to avoid dated monologue kinda stuff..


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Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

-The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon)
from the song "Songs of Love"
from the album "Casanova" (1996)