Ray you do have to add those pesky Republicans to your list because, as I have clearly proven to you in the past, they have also done their fair share of adding to the public debt...and Trump is set to explode it more.

The basic reality is there is no political stance involved in spending, whatever party controls the purse strings.It is at that point a free for all by those who want public funds for their people, whoever they are...and the decision to fund involves horse trading in back rooms by legislators, lobbies, the need to be re elected and have campaigns funded....

Trump himself promised to eliminate the public debt entirely by the end of his 8 year presidency..instead it is projected to go from 20 to 30 trillion dollars before he gets halfway there....get that? From day 1 the debt goes from zero to 20 trillion. Under Trump and his few years in office it swells to 30 trillion. Statistically that is "up by 50%"

Big thumbs up for that guy with "great and unmatched wisdom"

If writing ever becomes work I think I'm going to have to stop

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