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Quantity is an exercise on the path to quality, one learns ones strengths and abilities via quantity.

One will most assuredly reach some form of subjective quality only through the exercise of quantity.

Three cents.

Yes. The worst thing any writer can do is hype over a handful of songs for DECADES without writing anything new or better. I think you need to do both to get where you are going. I do not believe that getting stuck in seeking perfect at the sacrifice of good enough is a trap that too many entry level writers get in. You have to write a lot of bad songs before the good ones come along. One exception? Susan Gibson wrote Wide Open Spaces in it's finished form as her first song. But, and this is key, she writes SO much better now. When you're first song is one of the highest earning songs in Country music history, that's a pretty good base to build on. But her newer stuff is far superior to it.

And Stan was... in 2 words: The Man!

If you're in the business of songwriting and write a song every day and write with others, I agree.
If you are an ammy who wishes they were, I suggest using what time is available and cherry picking your best stuff to spend it on.
If merely having fun is the goal, then one should do whatever they feel like doing with their songwriting at any given moment.

Including opining about quantity versus quality if that provides a good time.