"The Gatekeeper" song was a song that I collaborated and composed with Kim Kime a few years back. I originally produced a pop version, then later a more mellow piano/strings version. I really liked the piano track in the 2nd song version and recently had the idea of re-mixing and inserting the piano into the original pop version--which I wasn't really satisfied with anyway. I reduced the original version's driving acoustic guitar influence, deleted a few of the harmonies, and let the piano dominate the song's rhythm bed. The goal was to allow Kim's poignant lyrics to sit better into the mix and let the piano express a more early tender emotional vibe, and later a more building or crescendoing effect.

Comments are surely welcome, though I doubt we change any lyrics--as those were discussed and altered some in our original postings. If Kim comes around JPF, she may also chime in--I'll let her know I've re-mixed the song and posted it again. Its been awhile since I've posted any new songs--hopefully this late Fall/Winter when I should have some time to devote to music again--I miss it much--I travel extensively.

About the song "The Gatekeeper"........we all hold the key to our own hearts; we give it out more easily in youth, but after a few scars........it's more difficult to hand that key over.......but sometimes, you just have to jump in the fire again!

(I wanted a warm production and beefed up my master post fader maybe a little too hot.........turn down the volume slider a bit on Soundcloud before listening--it will keep the bass in check--will correct if mastered).


Piano - Erik Kaufman
Lead Guitar & acoustic guitar arpeggio picking - Colin Ward
Vocals/acoustic guitar/production - e.swartz

The Gatekeeper--k.kime/e.swartz

The Gatekeeper