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I need collaborators to work from my lyrics and make them songs. I have no ego about changing up lyrics to suit the song. I don't have any interest in trying to promote them. Gave up on making any money a long time ago.
Hopefully you can use my lyrics to your benefit. I just love hearing the finished songs and hope some see a wider audience.

I at least have a lot to get you going yourself while needing contribution if you do at all need to at least brainstorm a song with more liveliness and rhyme, this is something I've been working on occasionally:
Just spit out all sorts of words that rhyme with each other or at least have some sort of similar rhyme scheme, as if you were prepping a hip hop freestyle "template" in which to bounce off for inspiration, on a piece of paper, then try out at least one song together with a random subject, or several or whatever that you think would easily match most of what rhyming words came out of your head like if you put together words that will rhyme with each other and you thought of that subject in the first place.
If you're not really following me lemme give you a sort of a demo step by step here:

Untitled song (because you don't know yet. this is just a bunch of words that would rhyme with each other on the end of a row of stanzas):





OK SO. I've got about half a song here.

if you would like to work with me on this one then drop me some subject matter which you think would go with these rhymes (just follow me though, this doesn't need to be a guided workshop, right now I'm demo-ing)

Come up with obvious subject matter titles or concepts that come to mind.

This subject matter to me definitely is reminiscent of the music industry and if you aren't that cool with making it a song yet think of it as making a rap, or just tool with more rhyming stanza groups that feel more song like to you

I'll put together what i think sounds good as far as what sets of stanzas make me think of when I slap each word to the end, or just close enough to get the rhyme scheme flowing:

In the grand scheme of things
I've been worn and tired of feeling the bland
The news from the soapbox I can't even stand
The same old bull from unkind man

I feel like every other person is sick
Just like me of having to take only one pick
Of the only book of rules that guide our souls
Leaving us cold and unbearably shook.

That should probably be a good start for you

Also I will say it is literally NECESSARY for a seriously passionate songwriter to study the art of poetry (let alone how songwriting works) as poetry often becomes good fodder for eventual songs and rap lyrics.
in case you're not familiar, just as factoids sake
Rapper Tupac wrote poems while in his rap days
For reverse effort recently Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins recently released a poetry collective.
Poetry knowledge is very effective.
In fact I actually have a song made up of haikus of which you might really appreciate.
Unfortunately a lot as of now to send it....

But I'll share it anyways
even though this will make the post a lot longer.
It's going to be beneficial and inspiring nonetheless.
Wrote this a while ago....

©luna simone

driving fast
on a road
keeping solitude

you hitchhiked
now your new
bicycle had broke

broken ring
crashing in the night

cuz you know
you and i
can last one more fight

we don't need
hybrid cars
just to make our mark

we just need
driving force of love

and if i
i could fly
i would be a dove

come what may
come what might
come with push and shove

i came home
late one night
wishing i could sleep

you catch train
don't come back
what is there to keep

what is there
left to know
when your love has gone?

(rep. bridge and chorus)

what is there
left to know
when your love has gone?

inspired view
from a few
hymns and hard rock songs

you don't know
much difference
from what those mean

they're the same
it's because
no difference is seen

i have learned
much from hate
hate and love and strength

but one thing
still remains
learning has no length

(anthemic vocal and instrumental break)

(repeat chorus first)

so i close
this one song
with a simple thought

live so free
that you thing
nothing of.....your thoughts.


Share any commentary or further advice requested when you get a chance.

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