HI, all:

Well, I was combing though some old stuff and came across this somewhat folky thing . . . I recorded it some months before I joined JPF, long before I discovered BIAB, and back when I just started doing takes on a single track in Garage Band (looks like I recorded it almost three years ago). So a very amateur acoustic take on what this song might be.

Anyway, I don't think I ever posted the lyrics on the L3 forum, and listening to it again recently after some time, I'm curious whether it has any legs. Is it worth spending some time on? Do the lyrics work? Any suggestions on how to approach from a production angle? There was a nuance to the lyrics I was shooting for--curious whether it came though.

I'll be a little out of pocket in the coming weeks and had nothing else baking . . . so thought maybe it would be a good time to throw this one out there for folks to ponder. Have at it JPFers, and thanks in advance for your suggestions.


(V) Brother, my brother,
the call has come—
to arms, to seas, to skies.
We suffer, we suffer—
the weak, the young,
and the one’s who stand by their sides.
Take good care of the ones we love.
I swear we’ll all be together soon enough,
because we will all fall down;
yeah, we will all fall down
into the deep, dark ground;
yeah, we’ll all fall down, yeah, we will.

(V) Mother, dear Mother,
dry your eyes,
there’s no cause for sorrow or tears.
Troubles are troubles,
soft truths, sweet lies
will not change the fate of our years.
So raise your voice; your flag up high;
and come kiss your baby boy goodbye,
and know we all fall down,
yeah, we’ll all fall down
into the deep, dark ground;
yeah, we’ll all fall down, yeah, we will.

(B) What’s ever been will ever be;
what never was never will.
All our worlds will one day cease to be,
but God knows love never will.
It’s forever more, ever still.

(V) Lover, my lover,
don’t be unkind;
let’s embrace and part with a kiss.
We stutter, we stutter, our words slow and blind—
I didn’t mean to leave you like this.
Tell our daughter Daddy’s gone,
but we’ll be side by side before too long,
because we all fall down,
yeah, we all fall down
into the deep, dark ground;
yeah, we all fall down, yeah, we will.

(c)2019 DJ Lekich