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yes,i was thinking of people who are looking for lyrics.Doesn't have to be the finished music,just the bones as to where they want the verses,chorus,bridge maybe,then they can take their music and build around it.The instrumentals on the MP3 board seems to me that that's what they intend it to be,an instrumental.I haven't seen one posted yet asking for lyrics to a certain one.Just a thought.

I think that's the same thing that has been happening here for a long time. Post a lyric, somebody sees it, and adds music.

I thought you were looking the other way around. Somebody posts a track of a song/instrumental they composed, and the lyricist tries to find a lyric for it, sometimes the melody is tapped out, sometimes it's up to the lyricist to find a melody too.

I do this all the time for my own stuff. The overwhelming majority of songwriters say they write the music first, others say they write both at same time. I think writing them both at same time makes it more authentic, but it's open for debate.

But I havent seen many lyricists who can do much with a music track, cause they dont have the freedom of writing across a page and setting their own rhythm to it....