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I think you should have gone with a more manic arrangement prosody wise. The treatment you use is to lame for the subject.
Your lyrics are good. Push them.


Thanks Vic. I totally get what you are saying about the prosody. I started out with something a little less bouncy and more manic in mind, but as I was working on it, it occurred to me that a more upbeat melody would be in keeping with the kind of guy he is. Smiling through gritted teeth, holding it together, unable to express his true feelings. That's kind of the point of "I don't, I won't." He knows he doesn't have a way to let it all out, to "take a feeling and free it." So the melody reflects the face he presents to the world while the contrasting lyrics are swirling in his head.

I'm not sure that I made the right choice. I might just have convinced myself to go in this direction because I like the tune. Having said that, I'm not sure that I have the musical chops to pull off the manic thing.