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what i would like to know is why isn't there an "Instrumental Forum" here so "we" lyricists can maybe write something for them. Some of the musicians may be great until it comes to putting words together. Sure you'll get some lame lyrics as we get lame music for our lyrics but something might jive from time to time.I think i've only taken one maybe two instrumentals here and wrote words for them.Not sure if they really actually liked it but it sure was fun for me to write with an awesome piece of music.So let's average it out and you musicians start putting some work out there for the lyricist.

A separate thread's not a bad idea, Mike.

Useful for me would be something in between. For example, I often create melodies for my lyrics (and I send the Audacity file to my collaborators), but it's much easier for me to get into a musical groove if I have a backing track to sing against.

I don't mean a full instrumental complete with melody - just a basic track in various genres/time signatures. It wouldn't be used outside the context of me creating a melody over it. It could even be the track (sans melody) of an already completed song, or simply a track for a song idea that's been abandoned. I'm sure composers have plenty of those, just as we lyricists are likely to have a drawer full of half-finished lyrics and still-waiting hook/title ideas. wink

In times past, it was easy to find 'free-to-download' tracks (intended for musicians to jam with), but those days seem to be gone. Everyone now is trying to sell everything they do. I don't mind that so much ($0.99 now and again won't break the bank) - what I hate is that to even be able to listen to some of the tracks you need to accept cookies on the website, which means even more crap spam landing in my email.

Anyway, this is just a thought. Maybe a section that would include random backing tracks for folks like me. Or, if instrumentals are posted specifically for collaboration, maybe someone would jump in to propose a lyric.

I strongly recommend though that composers seeking collaboration - at the very least - provide lyricists with a leadsheet. This makes it much easier to write a lyric for a melody.


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