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what i would like to know is why isn't there an "Instrumental Forum" here so "we" lyricists can maybe write something for them.Some of the musicians may be great until it comes to putting words together.Sure you'll get some lame lyrics as we get lame music for our lyrics but something might jive from time to time.I think i've only taken one maybe two instrumentals here and wrote words for them.Not sure if they really actually liked it but it sure was fun for me to write with an awesome piece of music.So let's average it out and you musicians start putting some work out there for the lyricist.

Well I think its a great idea. Thing is "instrumentals" take alot of time and work for the musician.

Also alot of lyricists cant write to tracks, because it restricts them. But if done right this kind of thing leads to better songs for the lyricist.