A new song I just finished writing and recording. All suggestions and comments appreciated.



Words and music by Gavin Sinclair

Will somebody show me how to have a nervous breakdown?
Somethingís got to give
I canít sleep, but Iím not even half awake now Ďní
Iím losing the will to live
I want to throw something precious, smash it on the floor
Grab a stranger and yell, ďI canít take it any more,Ē
Stand up in a crowded room and... just roar
But I donít
I wonít

Will somebody show me how to get through tomorrow?
I canít go on this way
Does somebody have a life that I can borrow
Just for a day?
Or two, or three, or four, or forever
I'm not going crazy, Iím not that clever
Just exploding under the pressure
Except I donít
I wonít

Will somebody show me how to cry a real tear
And let someone see it
How to make a minute not seem like a year
Take a feeling and free it
Watch it as it flies under dark skies
Naked as a jaybird right before your eyes
As I ask you why youíre so surprised
But I donít
I wonít