Song aside, here are the facts I've experienced locally. Insects everywhere in the summers, as always. Cool Fall, cold friggin Winter and the coolest Spring I can remember. In

The local landscape is as beautiful as it was when I first moved here in 81. We've had floods and bad storms, same as this area has experienced for thousands of years.

When I'm on my exercycle watching an old ep of Charlie's Angels, it's hard not to notice the sea level in LA is exactly the same as in an ep of NCIS: LA. (My viewing tastes are deep and exotic).

It's also hard not to notice that bloviators like Al Gore who've made hundreds of millions off Global Warming leave a T-Rex-sized carbon footprint. Not to mention corporations like CNN moving to NYC, a place allegedly doomed to go under water.

Speaking of old TV shows...I recently saw an ep of Barney Miller where the "intellectual" of the squad room, Dietrich, was explaining the dangers of Global...Cooling.

99% of scientists? "Real" scientists? Has there been a poll I'm unaware of? Furthermore, anyone who expresses doubt about Global Warming orthodoxy will be instantly ostracized.
Most scientists rely on grants and are understandably reluctant to stray from official doctrine.

Many common folk hear what the media says about Global Warming, and realize it doesn't jibe with their own experiences. And since the media get caught in a self-serving lie on a weekly basis, some common folk feel fully justified in dismissing climate alarmism as a load of complete fucking bullshit.

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