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Pot is now legal in Canada but illegal pot is still available at a cheaper price, just like under the table cigarettes are available for less than legal cigarettes, after all the guy selling on the street don't have a storefront to pay for, or upkeep, or taxes. But now the "honest" citizen can buy and use and not feel guilty or fear the law. I don't use any of the poisons, legal or otherwise. I'm trying to keep my body healthy as long as I can, which is hard to do with all the poisons in our food, water and air. Governments don't want us living too long, if we do we will cost too much in pensions and hospital care.

That's what I've always read about Amsterdam and other places. Part of the sales job for legalized pot is that the bad guys who sell the illegal pot and other drugs will be completely undercut and will disappear along with all of their other misc criminal activities.
But they don't.