I've never understood the seemingly human desire to "elevate" the mental state of one's being. Maybe I've had it too easy? Maybe I was brought up in the right environment? Maybe I'm not stupid? If I were in severe, unfaltering pain, I could understand a possible need... but the risk of becoming addicted to anything is of real concern to me. (I know, already addicted to song-writing... and the results are catastrophic! LOL!)

I can possibly understand the plight of the touring performer or musician who is forced to be deprived of normal eating and sleeping routines. Drugs might provide a boost... temporarily... until addiction settles in. Maybe the Good Lord is looking over my shoulder and rewarding me with "failure?"

If drugs were controlled by the Government, would the problem go away? Would addiction decrease? I'm guessing the politicians would screw things up worse than a fire-drill in the South Pole.

I wish I had the answers. My brother always said the problem would go away if the Government would "lace" about 50% of the drug supply with something that would cause instant death. Folks would think twice (I hope) before "shooting up" or whatever it is these poor fools do. (I know, what an insensitive thought... but he's no longer on this earth... and grew up when times were really tough.)

When compared with the liquor marketing model... maybe the state controlled dope store is the answer. I don't plan to be a customer nor an investor. My theory: If it's wrong... don't do it! (Yeah, sorta like BitCoin!)

Take all this "wisdom" to your local coffee shop (...but not Starbucks) and you might be allowed to use their rest-room. LOL!

Later, The Old Curmudgeon... ----Dave