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I often think about the relationship between privacy and cash, and the probability of a future of "un-hideable" moneyŚwhere all transactions are recorded. It's hard to be a criminal without the concept of physical cash, something that can be held by one person and hidden away somewhere...it's hard to hide your electronic funds under the mattress, or bury them in the yard. It's hard to buy meth with a debit card.

I definitely fear the future of privacy...it's already nearly impossible to maintain, and our technological advances are doing more to invade privacy than to protect it. As much as everyone probably values their privacy, few are as concerned with the 4th Amendment as they are with sexier ones like the 2nd or the 14th.

I have been pondering the benefits of a cash free society for a long time. A drug dealer would not be able to accept credit cards, but they could still use legitimate businesses to offer the goods. "oh so you want one of THOSE" ok let me write it up....happens to be the same price"

And the real crime now takes place online with stolen credit cards and IDs

There is also new monetary system called bitcoin which is untraceable in some cases.

When there is a will theres a way. The best way to stop drug dealing, without border patrol and crime in general is to stop asking for it.

It's here because people want it. If nobody wants it, no business.