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I don't think that your post is wrong Brian. I think that it's likely correct or largely correct.
But, I don't see the cat going back in the bag, unless the economy collapses....which would be horrible for a different set of reasons.



Oh, the economy WILL crash.. mark my words... and it will be 100% by design. AND it will result in very bloody wars and (if the elites get their way) a fissure in society among tribal lines in this case meaning left/right, racial, religious and hell in some cases even gender since the people being imported worldwide believe women are mere possessions to start with and raping, murdering, pedophilia and the like are ordained by their religion against both believers and non believers. Pedophilia is being push on US society non stop. Meat grown in a lab from stem cells are being pushed (research Incredible Meats). Their HQ in Silicon Valley is a windowless, sign less industrial building in an industrial park with one exception, right across the street is an out of place Planned Parenthood. Think I am making this up? Watch this: (This woman, from Canada I believe, is an amazing mind and researcher and she's exposed so many important issues, but as you'll see, this so sickened her, she just had to stop pursuing it. But this sickness is on its way to a White Castle restaurant near you if you live in the middle of American and other places: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRKOfmyXy0

Look folks, we've been lied to our whole lives. Sure, most all sane people realize that the 24 hr news channels of all political bents spend much of their time lying (CNN, MSNBC, ALL NETWORK NEWS) or lying by omission (FoxNews) which is just as bad, but they have been lying in schools, in history resources, in economics, in science, in entertainment and literature our entire lives and before. They've always said that the winners write the history, and we've just accepted that nothing built on one lie followed by another and another throughout time equals honest history or an honest set of facts no matter how well you research. If all records are outright lies, imagine making sense in 50 years about ANYTHING written about or covered today? So why should we trust even the most basic and obvious things we've been told since we were kids? After all, now they are telling kids that they can determine sub 5 years old, if they are transgendered and can ask for and receive hormone blockers so they never develop, become sterile and prepare for a sex change (which ironically can't even be carried out because little kids don't develop normally and thus there's no "material" to convert to another gender in either direction later. (This is the SICK stuff that is already becoming law in countries like England where you can be arrested and lose your kids for child abuse if you come out against these practices. This is where we are. You don't have to be religious to see the evil we're surrounded by.

But Martin, are you suggesting that there's nothing we can do so we should just accept it all? If so, why should any of us bother to go on living? The hellish future guaranteed to our kids and grandkids is likely worse than any previous holocaust humans have created. When you have elitists openly calling for us to reduce our population by many many billions and where we see fertility rates plummeting in all western countries many thing due to a collective set of cultural and medicinal and toxic chemicals we eat, breath and which cover our food as it grows and all we hear is "keep pushing forward! PROGRESS... never ending PROGRESS!" but towards what exactly?

I shudder.


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