Years ago, I watched hapless fellow employees forced to wear "pagers" in order to be at their supervisor's "beck and call." I vowed to never allow myself to be "captured" by those things... and with the advent of "smart phones"... way too many folks are looking pretty dumb spending more than half their day staring into that thing, waiting for Mr. Right to call or discover them, not realizing they are being spied upon, tracked and counted... as our Government allows "Big Tech" outfits to dumb us down. Even worse, those damn things cost hundreds of dollars, are easily lost or stolen and still need constant re-charging. No thanks!

Globalization sucks! I don't want some yutz from Sumatra or Red China pulling my strings. We need to stop being puppets and retrieve our lives. Newspapers are dying, the TV news is so biased and slewed, we no longer get much in the way of world news unless we bother to dig deep... and even then, half or more is distorted.

Our Government is so "polarized" and controlled by oligarchies, we may never return to national sanity. When it takes millions to run for office... no matter how small, can we ever return to the system where a person goes to Washington (or their State Capitol) to serve a term or two and return home as a normal citizen. Probably not!

I think the Amish may have the right idea. Thanks, Brian. ----Dave