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I don't see things exactly as you do.

In my view, globalization (which was inevitable) has brought about sudden and jarring change. One of the greatest impacts has been access to poverty level labor in far away places for large and not so large corporations. I don't think that countries should submit to globalization and merely tell their people that, "they lose", but the draw of poverty level wages is a hard thing to ignore and offset. I'm afraid that I see a lot of your concerns as a problem with no real solution. It appears to me that the money is not there to fix them.

And to make matters worse, humans are rapidly being replaced by algorithms and machines that can carry out the algorithms. I don't have any idea where that will go, but the human replacements will be coming on fast in the near future.


I will give you a simple example of how a country (i.e. by decision of its CITIZENS, NOT their ELITE UN-ELECTED RULERS) can say NO to needless automation that will impoverish large portions of their citizens. Self Driving Trucks and Cars. Do we NEED them so people can spend even MORE time buried in their social media staring down into cell phones? I suggest no, we do not. Because when they introduce and then MANDATE them, (and they WILL MANDATE THEM so that you have no actual FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, though they will claim the opposite is true, 3 in 4 non college educated jobs will be eliminated because currently in the USA, 3/4s of those jobs involved driving vehicles and the support jobs that back them up. People will scream "PROGRESS!!!" and I suggest if progress causes, as you have just stated above, INEVITABLE displacement of most people from making an honest living (meaning people who contribute their labor to society in exchange for a living wage which contrary to elitist views, people NEED in their lives) society faces a dystopian collapse (if we're LUCKY) or worse, a never ending, inescapable dystopian future where we become far worse off than anything Orwell could have had a nightmare about. Progress does not mean improved living by default. Otherwise life will become us all hooked to machines 100% of them time while the world around us is machinery doing all things for us and we're confined to inside our minds forever trapped inside that very hellish machine it is all leading to. So if I had a real say, I would ban automated work vehicles permanently until this same "progress" finds a solution to the problem of what our poor, uneducated, under educated and right now our biggest problem, ill educated college grads with useless degrees that prepare them for NOTHING REAL to do in the world?

My family lives in the middle of Amish folks who live without electricity and who have AMAZING quality of lives, fulfilling, meaningful, long lived, healthy (far healthier than the average non-Amish) and yes, they WILL allow use of modern medicine to save a child and for any adult who chooses to use it so they DO value life, but frankly as friends and family members die all around them in my "normie" life, I haven't seen one example of any of them dying from the stuff we die from. In nearly every case, deaths are at full term life by natural age related causes. Now, I am not suggesting we all become Amish, but I AM suggesting that "progress" for progress sake does not improve the lives of human beings by default. When AI continues to dominate human thinking, we all become reliant and dumb because of it. We used to be able to fix the devices/tools even toys etc. we used with our own hands. Now, we just toss it in the garbage and buy a new one. How does THAT make the world better? And what happens when we lose that overlord of progress and technology where everything around us is beyond our ability to control, alter or change unless it is all taken away and we devolve into hunter/gatherers and a hellish survival of the fittest nightmare?

That's just my opinion, I could be right.


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