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If all else fails find that Merle Travis song DRY BREAD. It is posted
For all those Illegals at the Southern Border I suggest THE GOLD RUSH IS OVER by Hank Snow.
For all those in California that need new direction I suggest COW TOWN by Webb Pierce

A lot of money is now transmitted digitally today. However the cash still has to be moved manually from place to place how
i don't know. Gee I hope there are no slip ups!

There I've done my good deed for the day. Is this still a Music Board? Then write a Hit!

Actually when money is digital, it often becomes abstract. Most digital money is never used. Like if a person has 100 k in the bank, how much of it are they going to actually use?

Well, since your not using it, well use it....

Well they used it long before you saved it. These banks have no money at all. It's all just lies and digits. And they all play along. And they know they are "too big to fail." We had an awesome family owned local bank chain in Indianapolis who were just fine when the "crises" happened in 2008. They were FORCED to close down or sell to Citibank, who were belly up and got trillions (that's the REAL number, not the billions they claimed) from taxpayers for free (yes, they lost it all due to lies and corruption and their punishment was all their debts were paid by the people whose money they lost AND they were HANDED all the small profitable local bank chains across the US as a bonus gift for destroying our kids futures). They were "nice" enough to keep the same employees, keep the same locations, just changed the names on the buildings and told the local family to f$#% off and take pennies on the dollar or get nothing, their choice. Our little bank tried hard to fight but they chose to save their employees jobs and get something back for their investors and heirs.

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