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In regards to banks, they continue to give people with poor credit credit cards, even people who owe 4,5,6, credit cards past. They absolutely know the person cant or wont pay it back but they issue it anyway. Why would they do this? Number one, they charge a fee...you want a card, pay us 80.00, and well give you a small line of credit. This way when the person doesn't pay the card off, they already have 80 bucks up front. Then they can sell the delinquent account to telemarketers and collection agencies, and sell your name to mailing lists for companies who have services that deal with that.. On top of it they have insurance for delinquent accounts and can file claims on them.

Alot of banks are just Spam in disguise.

You are correct. Best thing I ever did in life was to pay off our cards (which was brutal to do at the time and meant going without everything just about for 2 years) but once I did, we started having TONS of money extra and we saved it up in a few years and paid cash for our new car. We have a few cards but we don't allow ourselves to EVER spend what we can't immediately pay back the same month. It's too hard to try and use cash only and more and more places won't even take cash which is really sad.

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