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I truly see your points Brian.
But I also see digital currency as inevitable.
The FED and it mammoth QE's out to the banks were digital. It seems that they typed in a number and pressed "send."

I don't understand the nature of currency. Never have. But it seems to come down to a belief in it's value relative to the total currency in circulation relative to the total goods and services out there. I don't know how digital will work out, but I think that we will get to see.

As to your original point. I don't think that the elites manipulate everything. I think that they manipulate a lot. I think that often, as in this case, they watch the rioting on the streets evolve, and then position themselves to the circumstance.

As for the French, they're national heritage is societal revolution. It's what they are most famous for. That and Napoleon who set it aside after he took power.I think that part of it is that they feel good seeing themselves as neo-bastille stormers. In so many other ways, they seem liberal to the point of acquiescence.

Disclaimer: I dunno what I'm talking about. I wrote it anyway.

The french middle and lower working classes can't survive month to month on the 1K Euro's they earn. Ever been to Paris? It would be hard to live on that even if you owned your home already and had no other debts let alone the reality of rents higher than that per month, food weekly costs for a family of 4 eating 80% of that even at Ramen Noodle levels, and don't think about using a car with $15 dollar (or more) gasoline and taxes out the ying yang. We've spent about 6 months in France, 4 of it in Paris and it's like living in NYC for the most part. Imagine living on 14K US a year in NYC. Yes, I know people do it, but they don't have to drive, and there's rent controls etc. to help. Paris, not so much. So these folks are desperate. And like most long time Union members in their 40's and 50's, they are realizing none of the money promised to them will be there when it is their turn, plus with plunging birthrates, the best case scenario is counting on immigration of low skill, low education, non French speaking people from an alien culture (usually Muslim in a still heavily Christian society) to support them with taxes in their elderly years so all those promised social services will be realized. It isn't happening. Meanwhile, what little money there is is being swallowed by those same immigrants daily. It's all of the above that is the cause of this desperation. Of course the French Gov is going ban protests (as in the USA) without a permit. Did anyone think we had freedom of speech and freedom to assemble in the USA? I hope not because we don't. Our rights have been eroding faster and faster since WWII. Only our second amendments stands between complete loss of whatever minimal rights we still have and they are zeroing in on those as we speak. And they'd be happy if people started using guns in protest because they'd send in the troops and use that to put the final nail in the coffin and take all the guns, kill all the resistors, terrorize the law abiding to let it happen and lock us down with all that Patriot Act BS which should have been opposed by all freedom loving Americans but at that time Bush had a ridiculous 80+% approval rating. The left/right animosity is designed to keep us all from looking at what they are up to and instead attack our friends and neighbors and all this SJW stuff is a big psyop to kill freedom of speech AND freedom of thought. They create new ways to vilify everyone every day. And they are coming for the left just as hard as the right lest anyone think otherwise. I have friends who are huge YouTubers on the left and the right who have been banned in the past year, some with larger viewership than any network news channel. Most of the channels pretending to be right or left are controlled opposition (I know this for a fact through first hand knowledge in several cases). When you've been around these folks for 30 years, you know their BS or you know others who do who share it with you).

It is some scary stuff going on. And I have been duped by people I trusted so I am hardly immune to falling for the propaganda as well. The ratio to actual truth versus propaganda and lies is sadly in the small minority and it is very hard to know what to believe or who to believe anymore.

Are we having fun yet... sigh...


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