I truly see your points Brian.
But I also see digital currency as inevitable.
The FED and it mammoth QE's out to the banks were digital. It seems that they typed in a number and pressed "send."

I don't understand the nature of currency. Never have. But it seems to come down to a belief in it's value relative to the total currency in circulation relative to the total goods and services out there. I don't know how digital will work out, but I think that we will get to see.

As to your original point. I don't think that the elites manipulate everything. I think that they manipulate a lot. I think that often, as in this case, they watch the rioting on the streets evolve, and then position themselves to the circumstance.

As for the French, they're national heritage is societal revolution. It's what they are most famous for. That and Napoleon who set it aside after he took power.I think that part of it is that they feel good seeing themselves as neo-bastille stormers. In so many other ways, they seem liberal to the point of acquiescence.

Disclaimer: I dunno what I'm talking about. I wrote it anyway.