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For those of you paying attention the French are planning a bank run today against the fiat currency system that impoverishes the worlds "little people" to the enrichment of the 1/100th of 1%. It's big topic and there's no way to bring you all up to speed in this post, so for those already somewhat paying attention, I have a concern that I haven't heard expressed by anyone.

I think the French people are being played. (Aren't we ALL ALWAYS being played by these elitist tools?). I think this bank run is an ends to a means as the entire yellow vest movement is also one big Psyop by the ruling class. It makes little people think they are in control when it is all just a big manipulation and an ends to the means of the ruling class. What does it mean? It means that Digital Currency is coming, whether you want it or not (and you should most certainly NOT want it) and stunts like this (and the entire "yellow vest" movement in general) may simply be a quick way to move people willingly towards that end. So if a few banks (or even one) comes under serious distress, (false or otherwise) they could use the subsequent (and understandable) panic by people with their savings and retirements to say "we're with the government, and we're here to help" and turn it into one more impetus to introducing digital currency and once that happens, it is all over folks. (Too big of a topic to discuss here, feel free to research concerns/abuses of all digital currencies).

Look, banks already do the following: You come in to get a loan for $1000 bucks. The bank's account only has $100 dollars of hard currency in it. But the bank says "sure, we'll loan you the $1000 dollars" and they take their "real" $100 dollars and create the other $900 digitally and give you a digital loan. (This happens already, and is a simplified math version to explain it). For you and me, we have to actually WORK for the $900, they just enter a keystroke because the banks control the currencies of the world and it's all just funny money entered by keystrokes anyway). But you and I have to do the actual work to earn it. This is how they already control us. But convert all this to digital only, and we don't even have the ability to take our "money" (which is really just paper they print at will already with nothing to back it) our in cash to have a representation of our value owed. Once we let these vampires convert us to digital currency, it is over, plain and simple, for our kids, grandkids and the generational debt slaves beyond. At that point, only two options exist for worldwide humanity: Burn it all down with massive wars killing uncountable numbers worldwide and resetting it all back to a modern era stone age where our fellow citizens are ill prepared to survive, OR simply accept our permanent world wide slave culture we will have condemned our kids to until the time when it all collapses, see above.

There's so much ugliness coming folks. Something has to give. Our government are run by lawless criminals of ALL parties (this was never a "left/right" issue, this has always been an elitist/peasant class issue). America is barely hanging on and as long as we keep fighting each other in the endless us versus them politics they keep force feeding us, along with the completely useless education our kids get making them ill suited to survive outside the manufactured system created to globally enslave us all. Much of the rest of the world has been conned into believing the USA will protect them from these wolves at our collective doors. Our bases all over the world can be used to protect, or enslave just as easily as any single "election" (which are often just large Psyops meant to make us THINK we have a real choice in these matters) can flip everything on its head whenever they want. There hasn't been a practical "results oriented" difference between any administration in decades or much longer. It's all war all the time. It's all censorship all the time. It's all "one law for us, another for all of you" all the time. It's all a sham.

So anytime something seems to be a light at the end of some tunnel for any given group of us, rest assured the opposite result is true.

That's just my opinion, I could be right.


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