Kind of you to stop in, and I'm glad you liked this version the song. There's been some good discussion on this and the alternative version of this song as to whether it's better to be more or less specific. I see and appreciate the merits of both perspectives, but to me personally--and the reason I first reached out to Travis and asked if I could put it to music--is particularly because this lyric wasn't specific.

In that sense, it became my song, and me singing--that is, having felt those same emotions in my life, having been the outsider, I was free to insert myself into it. Were the song more specific as to circumstances (the singer is black, or gay, or transgender, or disfigured, or, as in the case or your son, autistic), those who were not that may empathize, but they couldn't insert themselves into the song. It wouldn't be their voice singing.

Not sure that makes sense, but it remains what I love about Travis's lyric. Music is a subjective art, but I think the lyrics is brilliant . . and I enjoyed putting it to music . . . and I love singing it still.

Thanks much, again, for the listen and thumbs up.