Appreciate the listen. Cat Stevens, huh? Well, thatís fine by me (but do I have to give up my efforts to join a Bee Gees cover band?). Anyway, I donít think Iím anywhere near either universe, but Iíll settle for the next galaxy or two over.

As for the song, this recording was actually a pretty quick take, principally intended to give Travis a feel for where I was going with it. But, as it turns out, I think acoustic style works well, so I'm not planning on adding much more to it.

I agree though that the backing vocals might benefit from some fine tuning. For example, I meant for the ďI hurt, I cryĒ to be more stereo than dominant in the right ear. While I do think the backing vox are moderately respectable here, itís worth trying to tweak. Iíll play with it and see if I can soften it some.

Sadly, I have not yet been to New Orleansómaybe one day! :-)

Thanks again for the input, and kindest regards,