For me, in this day and age and due to my own age etc. if I decided to put an album out I would likely just give it away on request in person or have them cover postage if they wanted a copy mailed. For me, the project would be for fun and self fulfillment and once it was actually done, I'd already have all the reward I need. I sort of felt that way about music from the start. I LOVED writing music. I LOVED the recording process of it. I LOVED rehearsing it with my buddies in band situations. I didn't really care about anything beyond that. Even though I made a full time living making music for a period of time, I did it solely for the fun of it, the money in truth usually came through because my bandmates needed to get paid to keep doing it and I am not going to turn down money I earned, I just didn't really care if it came or not. Same thing with JPF. I have worked knowing I would rarely make money from it, though for two decades I eek'd out a living and some years I made 6 figures but always poured it all right back into JPF in the end. (such as paying for all the travel or awards cost which has always been significant). I certainly appreciate not LOSING money doing it, but I still find ways to do it even when I do. It's the same with making music.... the making of it is the reward, not the commercialization. And fame is fun on a small scale, which I have had and to be honest sort of miss now that things have slowed down so much, but fame on the real "star" scale is mostly more hassle than you would want, as told to me by real people who are or were hugely famous at times in their lives. Many LOVE losing the fame and simply enjoying the money their work still earns them without even being recognized on the street very often. Even at my small scale, I literally got recognized randomly out in public in over half the states and over a dozen countries as I traveled. Most famously for my wife and local friends I had people screaming my name in Italy while I stood in line to see the David Statue and then later in the trip I came across JPF members in the ruins of Pompeii, probably my favorite "fame" memory because the odds seemed so astronomically unlikely. All that to say everyone likes money, but not everyone gets to write, record or finish their musical ideas in satisfying presentations. That gift far outweighs all the rest of the benefits.

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