Hi Vic:

I've had serious problems recovering from Malware on the laptop that provides Wi Fi to this Desktop. Finally got all of the problems resolved including removing Windows 10 and replacing it with Linux. Now both machines are using Linux and I am free from the tyranny of Microsoft... which is a big target for Malware and Hackers.

Best of luck with your album. Keep us posted about the experience you have with it. In my three albums, I never even cleared my expenses. CD Baby, at the time was pretty reasonable but much of that changed with the departure of their founder. Loudr didn't last six months but at least it was free if one does not consider all the work involved in jumping through hoops, creating and recording songs, artwork, etc.

My "PRO" ASCAP is now making "streaming" sound like the solution to all our problems... but I suspect it will only line their pockets and the other money handlers involved... while we receive the crumbs if there are any left to share.

Is your duet with Laura Kelsey on the album? I predict that she will become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Regards and best wishes, ----Dave