Forgive me for being tardy, Donna:

I think you are 100% correct about musicals from the bygone era (my era, LOL!) being more melodious. I'm sure there are plenty of more modern musicals with some great songs... but they certainly don't seem to be as plentiful as those from earlier times.

It's a bit strange that I remember many of those musicals more fondly now than I did when younger. A social anthropologist would probably end up jumping off a tall bridge or building after studying what makes me "tick" musically! My only excuse is that our "tastes" for music and food really do change as we grow older... even though I could not prove it if my life depended upon it!

Gotta admit... the theme-song from Phantom of the Opera gets my attention. It is one of those melodies that appear to be workable in several tempos and musical styles. Much like so many of the Beatle's Melodies. What would we do without music?