I got an email from a company I had submitted a few songs to, and they seem interested in them but of course I want to make sure it's legit before I proceed. Here's what they said:

We License Music for Film/TV, and In-store Airplay. Our terms are two years. 50/50 split on all upfront Licensing fees and Direct Licensing deals for In-store Airplay, and for Film/TV Placements we will retain 25% of the Publishers Share only for Back end Performance Royalties.

I asked them to send me the contract, which looks pretty standard but does include a part that says TITLES: Publisher shall have the right to register each song with BMI and place a tag at the end of the song title to separate our placed version, which ensures publisher will only collect 25% of Publishers Share Royalties from the songs that it licenses.

Is that normal? My songs are already registered with ASCAP; can they (or SHOULD they) be registered with BMI as well, with a tag on it?

Thanks for reading!