Ok. I know it's not that time but thought it better to get any suggs in before the big day.
Originally Alanjack's lyric which I added some comic lines and a bridge to.


Christmas Time 2018 Alan Evans & Vic Arnold
The time is near for Christmas cheer
Snowballs made, lined up to throw
Grandma's here, drinking beer
and big, pot bellied snowmen grow
One to be ready...two I'm unsteady...
...three, my ducks aren't in a row
Christmas trees and chilly breeze
Fairy lights all of a glow
Christmas time and it's all fine
but mom and dad have no cash flow
Oh one to be ready...two I'm unsteady...
...three I stepped on my own toe
Strangers on the streets are shaking hands
Stepping time to that Salvation Army band
Oh what a silly season of good cheer
and ain't we glad that Christmas only comes
around just once a year
Christmas day more games to play
Another year has passed us all
This one's done. How time does run
and now grandma's talking to the wall
One, to be ready ... two, unsteady ... three, I think I took a fall
Christmas night oh what a sight
Kids are screaming, dad still snores
Mom's nose shines from too much wine
and grandma's passed out on the floor
One, to be ready ... two, unsteady ... three, I think I'll have one more
Jingle bells ... jingle bells ...
Jingle bells

It's never too late? Yes it is, so do it now.

If, given time, a monkey can write the complete works of Shakespeare maybe there's hope for me.