Tomorrow Never Knows has no technical innovations??? Strawberry Fields Forever isn't innovative?? Those are ditties?

I love the Stones but they slavishly copied The Beatles' arrangements in the 60s, from the sitar to psychedelia to album covers. You can research for yourself how Hey Jude/Revolution upstaged Beggar's Banquet at the opening of the Vesuvio Club in 68. Speaking of 68, remember what The Who's big single was? The Bo Diddley rip off Magic Bus.

Brian Wilson was highly influenced by Lennon and McCartney as was anyone who released a concept album after Pepper. Jimi Hendrix played Pepper live the weekend it was released. John Mayal with Eric Clapton covered Day Tripper. Play me a Jay-Z song with a riff as good as Day Tripper's. Phil Spector loved them as did many others. Yesterday is one of the most recorded songs of all time. A classic composition. There is definitely some professional jealousy back and forth between those bands and they did and continue to snipe at one another but that doesn't lessen The Beatles' achievements, especially not in retrospect.

Except for Paul they weren't exceptional technical musicians but that's irrelevant because I made my comments in reference to songwriting. That said, as a unit they had incomparable chemistry. She Said, She Said blows away anything on Aftermath. And Happy Jack.

Sorry Quincy but The Beatles accomplished more in seven years than you have your entire life. From Love Me Do to A Day in the Life in four years. That's the standard in pop music and it probably won't be equaled. At least not while morons like Kendrick Lamar are running the show.

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