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That's a great song, I love it! Given I'm in geezer territory meself, I can relate !

sad it doesn't have more recognition. It's no doubt public domain, though.



So far, it appear that the composition is not in the public domain. Mae Iris Davis-Allen was born in 1919 and the current cutoff for works falling into the public domain is 1923. I might be possible that she neglected to register this composition, however, she has several other compositions that have been registered with the copyright office and some as far back as 1953 and as recent as 1981.

The odd thing is she never became affiliated with a performing rights organization. I found one of her compositions registered with an ASCAP co-writer and she is not listed. It has Unknown Writer and NS (No Society) for the second writer. I've reached out to the publisher to see if they have any additional information on her.

The search goes on for more documented information on "These Young Men Blues" and ultimately the publisher.