Hey TC,

I completely agree with you and you are right. 100% right. This is from a few years ago and I did not have the same tools or knowledge I have today. Before I posted I spent a few hours on a 2018 mix and fixed all of the issues you are talking about, but them it lost that crazy, over the top punchy factor and it seemed more "boring" and "restrained" with less attitude. So for the time being I went with the original and just hoped no one would notice but you did.

Yeah, this is a tricky mix--it will take me some time to get the exact right sound on the drums, guitars, bass, vocals, everything, so it is still crazy but not too bright. Kind of back to the drawing board. As you know, once you start to tinker with a mix like this (an in your face song) you can't just tweak one thing, you have to tweak everything.

But, you are totally right and I will put that on the stack of things that I really, really, really enjoy doing--like taxes


When I fix it, I will put the new mix somewhere else (another soundcloud account for mix versions only) and let you know and you can tell me if it's better. If not. I'll do it again.

Thanks for being honest. You caught me man.


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