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Hey! Cool to hear something a little different here on the boards. I LOVE the beat! It's very hypnotic and I actually like the lyrics as they are. I do think that the timing could be a little different on some of the lines. It seemed like you rushed a little through the first time you sang "isn't that men being men." And it would be cool to hear maybe a synth or some other instrument behind you just to break it up a little and not make it too monotonous.

But other than that, I think you have a good start and I look forward to hearing this develop! Thanks for sharing! smile

Hi Cecilee

your so right, I`m not much of a singer, and I didn`t want to put a lot of effort in this just showing the lyric. I have
a friend that says the same thing about the writing. I don`t sing this loud enough, and I miss some of the words..
a word or two I need to drop too. hopefully it comes together..thanks so much Cecilee for commenting and listening..

"Grace always pours from a closing wound"