Michael and Kristi,

One more thought as I sitting waiting for your next masterpiece. I think this posting validates and seals forever in the judgment halls of eternity two points I have been trying to make on this forum since I joined.

1.) It is very possible to create a radio quality, print to vinyl or CD quality PRODUCTION--not demo--but PRODUCTION in a home recording studio if you know what you are doing. A guy who started the band Boston did it on ALL his records playing every instrument himself when he wasn't making his own stomp boxes with a soldering iron, and the record company made him sign a piece of paper saying he wouldn't tell anyone he did all the albums himself in his basement. Gosh, what was that guy's name?? And the school he went to, what was that again....MIT?

2.) Sometimes, after pulling off such a feat, any true artist might say, "Thanks for the feedback yo, but I did what I was trying to do. Peace Out. Love ya!!!"

Thank you both for so successfully arguing my case for me--and winning! The Supreme Court is now finished with this case and our verdict is final.



David Snyder, Composer, Author
Singer-Songwriter, Producer
Regional Chapter Coordinator, NSAI