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"Music has so many dimensions to it. But I doubt anybody would have the gumption to say somebody like Stevie wonder is not more talented than Taylor swift, but Taylor swift has outsold him in every way."

This is a weird statement - minus the talent part. One, the population of people at the time Stevie was at the height of his career was literally about half of what it was when Taylor was at the height of hers. Two, the means of distribution changed dramatically between his career and hers. It was harder to reach more people during his heyday, it was substantially easier to reach more during her heyday. So yeah, she could easily outsell him from sheer numbers.

Is there any calculations that would determine what Stevie Wonder's sales would be in 2018? Kind of like a $10,000 annual salary in 1970 would be $64,390 in 2018. Same with distribution per capita or something like that?