It's that time of the New Year again. For a creative escape from the winter doldrums, be sure to check out FAWM (February Album Writing Month). This annual songwriting challenge begins on 1 February and finishes on 1 March.
The updated site is open, getting ready for the onslaught of lyrics, instrumentals, songs, and general madness & hilarity.The forums are already active, and folks are chomping at the bit, waiting to get started.

Four weeks of fun, inspiration, craziness, and camaraderie, ending in everyone having new songs, lyrics, or instrumentals, ranging from one to 14 and more. You set your own goal. wink Fourteen pieces of work in 28 days is simply a guideline. Even if you produce only one piece of work, you're a winner. After all, it might be the one piece you wouldn't have created if you hadn't joined us. wink

NOTE: The pieces aren't intended to be 'polished'. It's all about just getting down the bare bones of an idea, whether lyrical or musical. The polishing and revising generally happens after FAWM has ended.

I hope to see some of you there. smile

For more details, here's the official FAWM FAQ link.


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