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Over the many years of JPF (32 and counting) we've come across or met such an amazing array of talented people that I couldn't possibly bring even a tiny fraction of them to your attention. That's why we do the music awards but we know so many other types of talented individuals that I can only point out now and then such as today.

Colette Dedyn is one such artist who first brought her art to me in the form of amazing Sand Art performances, something I had never seen before Colette shared her work with me. She has a channel on YouTube (just search her name for easiest access to it then click her channel). You'll see a plethora of videos, but I want to call one to your attention here, then check out more on your own. This one is synched up to an orchestra in front of a live audience and tells a harrowing story... watch and be moved by an art for many of you may not have seen before. And you can follow Colette on Facebook, YouTube and her website.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am so privileged to know so many talented people around the world. (Belgium in this case).


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