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Yesterday, H.R. 3945, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2017, was introduced. The bill is designed to assist creators like you by proposing the creation of a small claims court within the U.S. Copyright Office. With the cost of bringing a copyright claims in federal court so high, many professional creators and small businesses simply do not have the money, resources or time to enforce their rights. This bill aims to address this problem by creating a small claims court that would provide a more cost effective and efficient way for individual creators to protect their copyrighted works from infringement. Importantly, participation in the small claims process would be completely voluntary and includes a cap on damages allowing an award of no more than $15,000 per work infringed and $30,000 total. A small claims court is one of the Copyright Alliance’s highest priorities and we will work with Congress and the copyright community to get small claims legislation passed.

We’ve posted a blog about the bill and how it supports individual creators: A Small Claims Court is on the Horizon for Creatorsby Terrica Carrington. And here’s a statement from our CEO Keith Kupferschmid in support of H.R. 3945.

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