Hi Mike and Doug:

I was hoping you (Mike) would chime-in on this subject Doug mentioned on another forum. Wow, what a wealth of information. Ingenious combination of ways to turn BIAB into a Super Power and a major music making method when orchestrated by skillful and knowledgeable talents. I was especially impressed with what I saw on various video demos about Melodyne. It appears it can be bought in pieces to suit the needs of the individual... whether it be the vocalist or, like in Mike's hands, a full blown producer and demo artist combined.

Mike, from a vocalists point of view, which version of Melodyne do you recommend? Realizing that I (at present) record everything onto only one track, I'll have to adapt to using at least a separate vocal track in order to use Melodyne.

Can you see the bells, whistles and light bulbs going off inside my brain? LOL!

Thanks for sharing. More questions later.

Regards, ----Dave