Couchgrouch, you won't get a big argument about this from me. I don't like rap, never have, but there is skill involved.

If not, anyone would go and do it, and make millions. I can understand why real musicians sometimes scoff at it, but this is on par with classical and jazz snobs who scoff at pop and rock, thinking that it's not real music or not requiring talent, which is absurd. Let's see how successful Pavarotti would have been as lead singer for the stones...answer, not very.

Is rap high art? Hell no, but this debate about art has been going on forever. Are the sex pistols art? Are the Ramones art? Are all those barely musician garage bands of the 60's and beyond art? Ala Louie Louie.....    Wooly bully etc.

My answer is yes it is art, it's a form of self expression, so it's art. High art, no, but art nonetheless.

I'm guessing you'd rather listen to Louie Louie or God Save The Queen, so would I,  but that's probably more because I like rock and don't like rap.

The Ramones put a smile on my face, I think they were the best nonsense band of all time.

But if you want to argue about the content, and the exploitation, and the language, you will probably win that one. I don't have much use for rap, I simply don't get it