I held off before jumping in again after Jody's post...T'wasn't easy:-)

The bottom line? Everyone is right!!!

If I may?

"Perfect pitch" CAN be taught, with a whole ton of effort to those of us who were born "tone deaf"....I am one of them!

But a multi-octave-vocal-range is something that one has to be born with...My Spousal Unit has it and got her "Bachelors College Degree" by singing operas in 5 different languages...And in the process, lost of her joy in singing, because EVERY NOTE, and EVERY WORD(in the various languages) had to be perfect....

As for me? I was born tone-death and with a speech impediment...My "speech impediment"? It all came down to me hearing sounds come in through my ears, but not being able to get them right when they came out of my mouth....

Whoops, enough about me...


Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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